Life on Earth… but not as we know it

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  1. Never mind aliens in outer space. Some scientists believe we may be sharing the planet with 'weird' lifeforms that are so different from our own they're invisible to us


  2. My thoughts exactly, were expanding out into the universe, trying to discover things, when we have barely discovered whats on our own planet. We've discovered, what, like 30% of the ocean thus far!? The earth is made up of 80% water, and we've only discovered 30% of it. Not to mention the weird creatures we discover under the depths of the sea to begin with, imagine what other weird oddities live under the waters that were unable to go deep enough to find? says here that the only life we have discovered, is that with a biology like our own, which is another good point, we only believe in what we know, and what we know is ourselves. Other life, not seeable by the human eye? Yeah, I think its true, maybe this explains spirits, like cats and dogs barking at thin air? Maybe their barking at some other life form present in your home, and even so, does this mean they can see us? Or are we invisible to them? Scientists have said before that they believe earth itself has dozens of dimensions of different life, all living here, and one can't see the other(except for a few maybe?), but we can feel them. Very out there theory...but still, we as humans only know so much, who are we to call this OUR planet in the first place?

    Ahh, that is also a man once said, it is harder to prove something false, than to prove it exists, and when you have no 100% proof of something existing or not existing, then theres always possibility in the air(No, not an alien pun, but i'll take the credit anyway).

    I would LOVE to finish reading and reviewing the rest of that article, buuuut, as you can see in my signature, I am currently working on a site of my own at the moment :otunga: But thanks for the find! I will for sure read the rest later and come out with an actual full detailed response to it.

    Thanks again deth, and if you did this as a way to make fun of me, that's alright too, I guess :obama:
  3. Nah, I actually found this interesting :smug:
  4. This is pretty shocking as well. When they examined the DNA found on the cross (Jesus's) it was foreign/non-human DNA. :goatface:
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