"Life Sucks And Then You Die!"

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  1. One of the greatest promos that Vince McMahon has ever given, and also one of the most under-appreciated. This is a true heel promo imo. It should also be noted that one of Vince's favorite real-life sayings according to some is "Life isn't fair", so I'm betting this promo contained a little bit of his real feelings, which only makes it that much better.
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  2. Typical conformist bullsh** coming from a typical conformist.
    I hate people like this, honestly. They use that 'life isn't fair' bull crap to justify inhumane jurisdiction.
    If a man is qualified for a job and desperate to work, but doesn't get hired then 'life isn't fair'
    It isn't that life isn't fair, it's tyrants who run companies are insecure and want to toe the line to avoid perceived dangers.
    Life isn't uniform, you can't judge a book by its cover. It may be easy to, but its also a pus*** way out.
    Vince McMahon is a f***ing jacka**
  3. Great heel work.
  4. Oprah Winfrey >
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    I agree but that's exactly why it made for a great heel promo.

    What's ironic is that Vince himself used to complain about how "unfair" many of Ted Turner's "predatory business practices" (as he used to call them) were back when the WWF was getting its ass kicked by WCW. The butt-hurt was so strong from having his own type of tactics used against him (it's always sweet to see the shoe on the other foot for a change) that he even tried to get talks between Turner and AOL stopped by sending in a legal complaint that claimed Turner was devising a plan to "systemically destroy the WWF."
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  6. Very appropriate. How Mr. McMahon could ever be a babyface post-1997, blows me away.
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