Liga BBVA Thread 13/14

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. General discussion about La Liga games and anything else La Liga relevant can be posted here.

    On that note, Isco is looking sexual at Madrid. I hope he doesn't lose a place when Bale arrives.
  2. Bale officialy in Real. Welcome :emoji_grin:
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  3. *13/14
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  4. Real has a lot of talent, lets hope they don't fuck up :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Looking out to seeing Bale playing for Madrid though.
  5. Owned.
  6. Actually, I believe they have a lot of talented individual stars, but where's the team work? I mean, yeah, they have awesome players, but without teamwork just like Barcelona or Atletico, I can see Madrid losing La Liga this year too.
  7. Yeah, and I don't see Bale bringing any positivity to f.e Ronaldo. Madrid's teamwork ain't bad though, but I agree with you on that one. New coach could change it though, idk.
  8. Crayo. Think we had a bet. Or it was Jonathan? Anyways. Decima and Liga. BEAST MODE
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  9. Will come soon my son. Don't worry about that, I won't die until Barcelona loses La Liga + Madrid raises La Decima.

    The coach can teach them whatever he wants, but he can't change what the players do while they play. I really miss Raul, he organized his team while playing.
  10. Yeah, me too. It was awesome seeing him play one more match with Real like two weeks ago though.
  11. Didn't know anything about him till Bernabeu trophy tbh, but I personally enjoyed the game while he was there.
  12. Calm down there. Madrid only added Modric last year. They play as a team. Only added Casemiro who played for Castilla, Carvajal that played as well. Isco who is already played like he has been for years, Illara that will learn from Xabi and Bale. Bale is awesome.

    Cant wait for Bale and Cristiano + Isco behind them

    Btw, Coentrao should have been transfered
  13. Ozil is out :sad:
  14. Please read this as a genuine question i'm not taking the piss I swear .How many times did you say that in the last 10 years? :lol1:
  15. The site was created in 2011 so he couldn't say it 10 years ago in here... Anyways, I have the feeling this year Madrid will get #LaDecima #HalaMadrid
  17. Obviously not in this site :dawg:I meant how many times in the last 10 years did he think Madrid would win everything.
  18. I was not playing the fanboy card :pity1: it was a real question.
  19. I've been saying that since I started watching soccer like two years ago. But their last champions was back in 2002, LaDecima is needed
  20. Just imagine how many times arsenal has said that. La decima will come sooner or later. We have almost been in the finals for the three consecutive years, 2011 fucking referee...Barca stole the match (Inb4 Crayo M United vs Madrid), 2012 Munich, penalties and this year, that we fought until the end. Just gettin closer
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