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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I like it. It looks much more fresh and easy on the eye.

    Better than WWE Forums IMO.

    Need to fix the smilies though.

  2. It's really not as nice as this one, but that's your preference.
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  3. It's hideous IMO, looks like a stock theme. Can you put the first one back, I think it was called Luxray.
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  4. We're adding back Luxure later today.
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  5. :yay: Such a better light theme IMO.
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  6. I like this darker one. Posts, ava's and signatures have a better outcome with the colour in this theme.
  7. i like dark cause light hurt my eyes
  8. The dark theme looks much better
  9. Yeah, dark is better.
  10. Yes! Luxure! Yes!

    Luxure is the best of them all.

    Oldfags unite @[Seabs] @[Xanth] etc etc.

  11. I'm a newfag :pipebomb:

    So this is how the off topic begins it seems.
  12. Hate the light theme. We'll add a working version of Luxure hopefully today, mainly for nostalgia.
  13. I like the light theme, only problem I have is you can't see the awards, instead you just get numbers., and the smilies need to get fixed.
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    Better then seeing John Cena every time I go to the top of the page though
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  15. Marked out when Xanth said it was coming back today.
    It should be for oldfags only. I wish that was possible. :emoji_neutral_face:

    Maybe a new usergroup, Hall of Famers, no display image or anything, but only for those who joined December 2011.


    inb4stupididea :upset:
  16. Stupi- damn stupid inb4's.
  17. Ridiculous suggestion.
  18. :serious::serious::serious::serious::serious:



  19. :haha:

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    Why does everyone have they're better than me in their sigs?

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    Stupid sexy flanders

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  20. It's all about dark theme. :jeritroll:
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