Light themes or dark themes?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Light themes

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  2. Dark themes

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  1. What are you more a fan of? Please vote in the poll.
  2. Dark themes, I think it looks nicer.
  3. If the current theme is considered dark, then yes. Dark theme.
  4. Dark themes look nicer, especially for this site.
  5. Don't base your votes off of our dark themes / light themes, I'm talking about in general. Picture two awesome wrestling themes, and one is dark, and one is light - which do you think you'd prefer?

    I always think lighter is much more user friendly, personally.
  6. Can you give us some examples of light forums? Can we have both? And then members can switch between light or dark.
  7. I like dark themes in general. I've been to plenty of forums, both light and dark, and I've always found the dark themes more appealing.

    Something like that. Though ours would ofc have a huge wrestling background instead of a gaming one.
  9. A light forum. It's more inviting and friendly looking.
  10. Dark theme, it makes me think about "we're nicer than the rest, every other wrestling forum has light themes and we have dark themes" (the truth is that I don't know too many wrestling forums but almost everyone has light themes).
  11. Whenever I join a forum I use the dark theme if they have one available.
  12. Dark is always better.
  13. That one looks pretty nice, I like that and wouldn't mind using that, but dark themes always seem a lot "slicker" to me, if that makes any sense. Light themes always give the illusion for me that it looks a lot messier than it is. Idk. I'm not sure how to explain it, but again, I don't mind using either. Having the option to switch between both seems to be the best option IMO.
  14. Dark themes. Light themes bother my eyes and tend to be ugly, anyway. I like the sleeker look more dark themes have, plus, much easier on my senior citizen eyes.
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  15. ^ :true: I agree 100% with this statement.
  16. Irwin's older, eh? :vince:
    AWWW YEAAAH :ryan:
  17. Quoting the double fail
  18. Hey, fuck you.
  19. Same age as yours truly :sandow:
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