Like A Prayer: Grado's Plea To Madge Involves A Higher Power

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    Tonight at 9/8c on IMPACT WRESTLING, Scottish sensation GRADO makes his in-ring debut in-front of an international audience. However, all week he has made international headlines with his plea. Three words have been trending on social media for days now...


    Now, Scottish Parliament has stepped in as well! So far, 12 Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have backed a motion supporting Grado's #SayYesMadonna campaign. Grado was a part of TNA's hit reality show British Boot Camp 2, becoming an instant fan-favorite and a thorn in the side of one of the show's judges, Al Snow.

    Do you support Grado!? If so, sound off on Twitter using #SayYesMadonna and tune-in to IMPACT WRESTLING tonight at 9/8c on Destination America to watch Grado take-on wrestling legend Al Snow in his first match for TNA's IMPACT WRESTLING!

    UK fans can watch this monumental debut on Sunday night at 9PM on Challenge TV. For all international listings, click here.

    RT! @Madonna has denied me using 'Like A Prayer' on @IMPACTWRESTLING - I hope I can change her mind! #SayYesMadonna

    — GRADO (@gradowrestling) February 18, 2015

    More than 12 MSPs have actually backed a motion supporting Grado's #SayYesMadonna campaign

    — STV Glasgow (@STVGlasgow) February 20, 2015

    Glad to hear Scottish Parliament are dealing with a major issue of serious importance affecting the entrance song #SayYesMadonna

    — GRADO (@gradowrestling) February 20, 2015


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