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    They say if you give an infinite number of monkeys a typewriter, they'll be able to write up the complete works of Shakespeare. We don't have a monkey, but we do have the next best thing.

    Anon finished the Post rating plugin recently, which is live right now. At the bottom right you'll see 2 hearts. One positive, and one negative. If you like that users post, you can click the positive heart. If you dislike it, you can give it a "negative" point. You have a score on your post_bit underneath reputation.

    An upcoming feature is for superstars to view who rated a post or view a users complete post rating history (both who rated them, or who they rated). We understand this plugin can be abused, so in the future registered members will have a restricted amount of total likes per day, probably 5-10. Superstars will have no restriction. If you want to ask any questions then please do. If you see any errors, please post them and they'll be fixed.

    Also, slightly off topic: He'll be working on a plugin soon that'll allow messages to be displayed in posts that will only be viewable by a certain usergroup. This might help users who contribute links who don't want guests to leech them. HE TREATS YOU SO WELL.
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  2. I don't know about a monkey using a typewriter, but I do know this....

  3. Could you change the heart color between positive and negative? I know you're trying to match it with other buttons but still..
  4. What do you mean? Like a green heart for positive and a red heart for negative or?
  5. Like for Ice Cream bars!
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  6. Going to make a rule where no asking for likes in posts. Rep is fine, but I want likes to be like quite prestigious. People would base how HQ you are on amount of likes.
  7. Nice feature Crayo.
    Btw I just tested this on your post.
  8. Yah. Would be easier to like the right one.
  9. That kind of ruins the number beside it though. Green heart with a green number too? I think it's quite good at the moment with the green number and the + on the heart to show it's the positive one.
  10. Ok, I see your point on that. How about a thumbs up or thumbs down kind of picture instead of heart? There's a heart picture for like and a heart picture for dislike also?:huh:
  11. Good idea, will speak to Anonymous about that idea. Sort of makes more sense also.
  12. There is too much love on this forum.
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  13. It's all because of you @[Goldberg]. :emoji_hushed:hyes:
  14. Really glad to see this finally added on the forums. It will be a great feature.