Like holy damn

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. Women underwear are comfy. Like holy shit, this shit is so snug it's like Chris Brown's fist on Rihanna's face. Sweet baby Jesus.
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  2. Are you wearing thongs again?
  3. Naw, classic briefs
  4. Good, because that zebra print one didn't work well for your figure.
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  5. :finger: You're just mad because my twerking was better
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  6. You can gladly be the better twerker! Jiggling my booty like that is not in my DNA.
  7. :4/10: Better stay away. Don't fight against a black booty.
  8. :downer: But...what if I wanted it? Now I'm disappointed.
  9. :4/10: Then follow my path child.
  10. I disagree
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  12. You must have been real bored. I'd like to be uninformed about this. Is there a button for that?
  13. Are they all silky and stuff? Women have so many dif types of undies lol. Guys got briefs, boxers, and that weird in between - boxer briefs. Of course now they have this whole half-thong craze going around for men. My banana is never going in a hammock - half or full.
  14. Fuck you learn something new every day, i'd like to return this one.

    Came in to ask what's up with the random thread titles, but I got a cheap laugh and Farooq is comfy. I guess we all win.
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  15. Reading after sex and playing some N64 :4/10:I told everyone N64 is master race
  16. Rumble Roses XX counts as sex right?
  17. The worst controller of all time. Virtua Boy > N64's controller.
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