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  1. Sometimes I want to like someone's post, instead of actually replying and saying I agree, I like or anything like that. I'd just like to be able to click the like button to show I like their post.

    Can you implement this? You already have it for statuses, so it would be cool for posts/threads too.
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    Isn't that what rep is for?
  3. We're having a karma system put into place, a custom version of the "like system". Though, reputation can be used to do what you wish :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. I always though reputation was used for entirely different purposes. A reputation is what it says on the tin, the member is reputable. It doesn't necessarily mean they have great posts/topics.

    That karma system sounds good Crayo, will be looking forward to seeing it added.
  5. I see your point, the reputation isn't solely based on HQ posts, though doing such posts will boost your reputation dramatically.

    Kharma will basically be identical to the like system. +1 or -1 for the posts you make, will have a total amount of Kharma in the post_bit or profile.
  6. See, I'd like to like your post above, but what @[seabs] is saying should be done, I'd give you a reputation point, but that just doesn't seem necessary. I hope you understand me.
  7. Yeah I see your point, also it could result in someone having like +50 rep from the same guy. That's why the Kharma system is being added, a custom plugin yet again from @[Anonymous], but he's very busy with the notifications system (don't know if you saw the preview yesterday of it) which is an incredible plugin. But don't worry, Kharma will be here eventually :emoji_slight_smile:
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