Likely IC Title Triple-Threat Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Is Fandango going to get this title because of a flash-in-the-pan audience chanting his theme? Barrett has done well recently imo, and should keep it, if he's not going to get a push to the ME any time soon.
  2. This will be a great match. But why should they keep Jericho out of the match? It would bring it more prestige. Just let Miz screw Barrett in a match against Jericho. Then Jericho wins with a codebreaker. Fandango hits his finisher on Jericho and Miz does the same with Fandango. He then finally points at the title and voila fatal forum way.
  3. Barrett loses every match he's in. It matters not at this point whether he keeps the title or not.
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  4. Yeah, I supposed they were going down that direction to get the belt on Fandango. But not necessarily because of the audience, he's still Vince's pet project.
  5. This match is most likely going to suck. Furthermore,I feel the title is meaningless and the only person who could bring prestige back to it is Cody Rhodes.
  6. So the dirtsheets watch the show? That's good to know.

  7. This is a Meltzer report right?

    Jesus Dave, I predicted this after Smackdown. Give me your job.
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  8. I hope Fandango wins it.
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  9. They still haven't done much with the development of Barrett's character, and I wouldn't be surprised if he lost to Fandango since he's over with the crowd right now.
  10. Miz is awful after Awesome Truth storyline. He is like a jobber and moreover, his face run is so stale, so boring. He lost everything I think. I am even more interested in Kofi now. Miz vs Barrett is boring, Fandango can bring some excitement in it. Ah, IC Title is so bad now. Save that title Cody.
  11. Has there been any build to this?
  12. If you count poor build, then sort of. It's a massive clusterfuck of nothing meaningful. I had to think about it a minute ago to remember who was actually champion...
  13. The build was Fandango dancing off during a tag match wasn't it?
  14. What was the build? Like a Miz TV segment on Smackdown or some shit?
  15. One Miz TV segment, one Fandango dancing-on-RAW segment, and something else on SmackDown. Calling me pumped is an understatement, woah.
  16. If nothing else, WWE has done a nice job of building towards an unpredictable match. I mean, anyone could win!
  17. Well it's still a triple threat. Hennig Jr picking up the strap is likely.
  18. :yay:
  19. OH wow really? OMG what a great result that'll be Fir everyone.
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