Likes are broke

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. The view post likes isn't updating to reflect the post likes I've received.

    For example I've got 5 likes on this post:
    But the view likes says this:
  2. Likes plugin has a few known mishaps, mainly because I created it without an set plan (and removed down-votes half way through) so most of it is pretty much sticking together like scaffolding and I'm surprised it has lasted this long.
    Replacing it with something more stable is on my list of plans and I suggested disabling the current plugin, but Crayo decided to keep it enabled.

    Edit: Actually, your error could be because it was posted in the Legends section.
    Edit 2: Yep.

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  3. Pretty sure I've seen likes that have been in the Legends section before.

    Anway, not a big deal just bringing it to the attention of whoever's job it is to fix it, presumably you :otunga:
  4. Likes work in those sections, but they don't appear on the 'liked posts' for a user, since I added a list of excluded forums due to laziness (see my edit on the last post).
  5. Ah right I see. No bother.
  6. Probably cuz the plugin found it hard to believe that Jonathan could get that many likes on one post.
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  7. :pipebomb:
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