Lil' Wayne in critical condition

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  1. Hate posting TMZ crap but this might start an interesting discussion.
  2. Damn. Not a fan of his music but let's hope he pulls through. Sizzurp huh. :pity1:
  3. Drugs...
  4. Not a fan, never a good thing when someone dies though.
  5. According to his manager's twitter he's fine and he's watching the lakers game in hospital.
  6. When? Not seeing it up there bud.
  7. Wow, that sucks. Feel really bad for his family.

    He's pretty stupid though if he goes and does drugs right after being let out of a hospital, if he makes it through this hopefully it's a life changing lesson for him.
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  8. I'm not a fan of his but I feel bad for his family. It's difficult to see a loved one suffer. I hope he pulls through, learns from his mistakes, and gets some help.
  9. Hope he pulls through.
  10. Probably listened to one of his own albums
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  11. Sucks for him.
  12. Wow, that's just sad...

    Not a fan of him, but damn...


    One thing so, many many many peple on Twitter, claim that this news are some BS TMZ came up with for publicity. 7 hours ago Lil' Wayne wrote in his Twitter that he is alright, and thanked everyone for their prayers
  13. I feel sorry for his family, but if he's silly enough to do drugs after coming out of hospital, well you deserve what happens.
  14. I hate his music, I hate his fans, but I don't hate him. I don't want anybody to die.

    And if he died, that would mean his music would start playing everywhere, which sucks even more.
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  15. :cornette: hahaha nice.

    Yeah his music is shit, shame he was hurt but i'm sure he did it to himself. :mad2: We could say hopefully he gets out of the game but there are 20 other even worse rappers in line right behind him to steal money from people who dont know what good music sounds like.
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  16. Honestly couldn't give a shit one way or another.
  17. Wonder if Illuminati conspiracy theorists will think something more of this.

    Another a-list superstar potentially dying at the hands of excessive drug usage. Damn.
  18. If he dies as a result of his own doing, oh well. The guy is an idiot, and it'd be better if he never even existed. He gives such a bad image to young teenagers who look up to him.
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  19. Apparently he's doing fine now. Publicity stunt me thinks.
  20. There's people who say "Lil' Wayne doesn't know how to sing and his lyrics has no sense" and i answer them "you may not like him, but he has some lyrics that get in my heart, and you talk like that of him because you don't like rap, and I don't like pop and I don't tell you your idols suck". I don't know why I told this, I just wanted to say I'd like to see him OK soon
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