News Lilian Garcia is leaving WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. "Longtime WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced Monday that she's stepping away from WWE to spend time with her father, who is suffering from multiple types of cancer. Garcia missed time earlier this year when his health took a turn for the worse but returned to work for the last few months. She wrote on Instagram that she needs to be by his side instead of constantly traveling to WWE events."

    Man, cancer needs to :gtfo: :okay:
  2. That sucks to hear. Hopefully her pops pulls through.
  3. Awful news. Praying for all the cancer sufferers out there, but...
    wouldn't it be nice to actually do something about this.
  4. In fairness, prayer is doing something about it.

    We cure new cancers every day, but saying "we're going to cure cancer" and expecting all cancers to be cured right now is like saying "we're going to eat cereal" and expecting every brand from Raisin Bran to Lucky Charms to be eaten right away. Cancer isn't one disease; it's a multitude of various illnesses that fit under one umbrella.

    As for the real intent of this thread, I pray that Lillian's dad gets complete and comfortable healing. And, if that's impossible, that he be granted dignity and peace.

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  5. Praying and supporting those who suffer, in all ways, is something. Showing support gives people hope. Mental support is the best possible help you could get while you suffer from "death sentence" that people view cancer.

    And also, the amount of people dying from cancer is reducing year by year. We are curing more and more cancers, each and every year. But, in my opinion, we will never be able to cure "cancer" because it isn't a single disease, and each variation has it's own location of attack, and it's own vulnerability.

    So I think the best thing we, as uneducated third parties in a world of cancer patients, is to support the patients and the doctors.
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