Limiting The Number Of PPVs

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  1. Just out of curiosity, who thinks PPVs would feel more special if they limited the number of them? I'm not talking about going back to four or five a year, but I wonder if bringing the number down to like eight or something wouldn't hurt. The only thing that makes this an unrealistic possibility is the hit in revenue the company would take, even just eliminating a few of them (though I heard that when the WWE Network gets launched, they want to dump all their B-shows anyway) but there's no denying that not having to build to the next PPV every single month would make them feel like more of a special attraction or something.
  2. It would be pointless because WWE storylines suck most of the time and they used their WM build weeks really lame but okayish. People buy the PPVs and go there just because they always have them.
  3. I do get what ur saying and feel that maybe one or two less would improve things take ER for example it gets barely any build with it being so close after WM plus I'm sure buyrates would go up if they knocked it down to say 11 PPV's and gave some good build to them. This also relies on them doing some decent feuds storylines and going off creative at the min it's not gonna happen as they have few ideas. Also it won't happen as WWE is a money making machine and that is what matters in the modern day and age and the more they can sell and show and get away with and ppl buy the more they will.
  4. I don't think they would do that, as you said, because of the financial risk. They're already suffering in PPV buys because of streaming and all, so they could try and remove PPVs and have better build ups and all, which could result in better buys, but it's too risky. Creative is crap, let's not forget, so just because they have more time doesn't mean they'll do better storylines. I was already surprised to see they cut one of october PPVs, now at least we have one PPV a month instead of that two week build up to HIAC we usually had.
  5. This is my point! They should have better builds but creative are crap! One a month is better though so least we can be thankful for that!
  6. There definitely needs to be less, maybe 7-10 a year would be better.
  7. 10 is good so that WM and the RR become the big events of the year.
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