Limp Bizkit

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, May 6, 2016.

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  1. alright lads. you dont like nine inch nails.

    wat about the bizkit. the do what they say on the tin. get u going in the boozer. we all no there songs. wat does that tell ya. at the end of the day they do there job. people overthink them. so there not poets who gives a shiny shit.

    wwe used to show there videos durin events. wat happened big ratings, forget all this frivelous florida shit. get the bizkit bk on the wrestling.
  2. Shit music.
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  3. hows it shit.
  4. It sounds like a fat man taking a dump
  5. Not surprised you miss them being on the intros. Just oozes hardcore yeah
  6. lel bizkit
  7. they dont do music like them these days. its all shite.

    manson and nin carry the indury.
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  8. Fuck the haters you keep on rollin.
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  9. Do you even pose bro?

  10. Nine Inch Nails is incredible.

    Limp Bizkit sucks pretty hard though.
  11. nin and manson are teh best ever.

    the bizkit are 3rd though. at thend end of the day put them on dwn the boozer and every1 nos who they are.
  12. If we're talking about from Portrait of an American Family up to Holy Wood then yeah. Every album after that has sucked.
  13. Your avatar is really annoying, no idea why.
  14. jock strap montoya lol
  15. Yeah tsar take inspiration from the GOAT and get a proper avatar lad
  16. @The GOAT tell me where to get a good avatar. :jeritroll:
  17. The local boozer lad, get a pic of them rump shakers, you bell end
  18. I'm too busy at the boozer getting the musk to get the rump shakers, lad.
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