Linda Hogan arrested

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Oct 5, 2012.

  2. lol, how is this TNA news? Keep this shitty garbage to the LR and out of our HQ section
  3. Hulk is probably having a good laugh
  4. Nobody gives a single fuck, and this don't belong at all in this section. If she takes a crap in the middle of the street and Nick pees on the woodworks, is it also TNA news?
  5. its .08 lmao. that would be 80% BAC and you'd be dead
  6. People getting drunk is not news. Its nonsense.
  7. How is this news at all? I hate that bitch.
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  8. .084? Jesus that doesnt fly around here. It will get dropped people, as the BAC will be lower most likely in the needle.

    Just a heads up, like a boss, mine was over 3x as much as hers. I know, salute your champ.
  9. She's a thieving **** AND she drinks and drives? Wonderful.
  10. :obama:
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