Linda McMahon drama

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 24, 2012.

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  2. I'm sick of this farce. How long till it's over?
  3. Finally someone has used her past against her well. Will be interesting to see how they retort.
  4. She'll probably come up with some kind of lie about her involvement with the Wellness Policy.
  5. I should run against Linda....I'll expose her for the real power corrupt person she's trying to be. :Boss1:
  6. Yeah I imagine so. They'll still come out of that one looking bad as hell though.
  7. Linda cant escape the whole Benoit situation its out there to read about. I hope to god she loses this campaign
  8. Please just end this campaign shit. Because of her, they're not allowing any WWE shows to be uploaded on YouTube.
  9. Fuck off. Seriously? How come?
  10. Yah. They're automatically blocking WWE videos now even small segment videos. They've also removed a lot of popular old clips from Attitude Era and early 2000's. All of this because of Linda's campaign apparently.
  11. Bunch of fucking fuck fucktards. God that bitch deserves to burn in hell.
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  12. Oh wow... that's insane. The IWC amounts for more than people give it credit for, so congrats, Youtube, you've sent your whole smark community over somewhere else.

    You suck, Google.
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  13. Well, that explains why I can't find the video with Bob Backlund winning the WWF title anymore.

    But I really hope she just loses and gives up already, I know that doesn't make PG go away or anything, but it at least makes them stop removing videos from Youtube for no reason.
  14. Just a reminder, if you guys still want to find the WWF past videos, go to Dailymotion. They're still on there and none have been removed.
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  15. Hate the number of ads they have there, there's like 8 ad breaks in an episode of NXT. If only there was a better alternative...
  16. Use ad block. I think it works on DM videos also cuz I haven't gotten any ads.
  17. Linda is obviously a murderer
  18. Use ad blocker @[Rain] I haven't gotten a single ad on DM. And WWE can't have clips removed off of DM as easily as YT because DM's headquarters is in France
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