Linda McMahon is leading the latest poll in Connecticut.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Oh shit. :upset:

    I mean come on, clearly she has made a drunk, wife beating man CEO of a company all because of her emotions. Would YOU want someone like this Connecticut? Not enough? How about this:

    Look at her daughter, slapping her own mother. Do you really want someone who not only doesn't have the spine to say anything or do anything, but she RAISED that woman.

    Not only that, she has done other things. Hiring people without consulting the chairman, drinking beer with drunks, not stopping women that got stripped naked, got treated like animals, and just down right embarrassed. You guys need a better person. Now not me, because I'll make everyday fried chicken and iced tea day, but someone else... anybody. That's all folks.
  3. Leads can be lost pretty easy, I have faith. #TeamOptimism
  4. Somebody get the Dudleyz!
  5. You want her through a table?
  6. Exactly. Straight to hell.
  7. I like your style. :obama:
  8. Fuck no if she is elected then WWE is screwed forever
  9. Know what, I hope she wins. Good for her
  10. Damn it......I think it's time to release the McMahon sex tape............Vivid where are you at??
  11. lol, how bad does that Chris Murphy guy suck if he loses? I'm quite sure I've read that the district they are running in has always been a shoe in vote for the Dems
  12. Well, doesn't really matter. If she loses she'll try again and WWE will stay the way it is. If she wins... :silva:
  13. I read the same. I read that it's borderline impossible for a republican to win...

    Linda can not win this :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. what would happen to the product if she won?
  15. doesnt matter either way. if she wins, the company will still be kid friendly so her chances at reelection arent put in jeopardy and if she loses she will most likely run again
  16. So when does the voting thing end
  17. November 6.
  18. as stated before money=power. She will win because her campaign ads will run all day, every day on commercials. Old folks will fold for her because they will remember her, and think she cares about something outside of herself and what she wants. That, of course, is most likely bullshit.
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