Linda McMahon temporarily returns to WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Not sure whether this is good or bad? Why can she not just give up this senate crap?
  2. Why shouldn't she be there 2 support her family ? All politicians seem 2 protect their family images, so she would look terrible if she didn't attend the company's most important annual event. im glad she'll be there.
  3. If she doesn't get knocked on her arse my care cup is empty, that was all she was ever useful for.
  5. Linda McMahon is the most useless **** this side of Kelly Kelly
  6. at least she gave us Shane, Dolph :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Such a good point.
  8. I think it would b funny if Linda McMahon won a seat, that way Vince can bring back fond memories of Bill Clinton lol
  9. Oh it'd be horrible if she did though, lol. She needs to give up so WWE can actually bring back some of its roots. 2009 was unbearable and it was mainly because of her crappy campaign.
  10. i dunno. wasn't wwe always like this in the 80's? P.S Congrats Crayo on 100 rating, u rock
  11. Yeah but back then it was cool to be a wrestling fan (I think). It's definitely similar to it but it was a style that worked then, in the modern age, this sort of "smiley smiley superman babyface" doesn't work. There can't be another Hulk Hogan in this era, there can however (in my opinion) be another Stone Cold. Back then it was like "Yay Hulk Hogan will sort them all out!!", where as now it's "For god sake John Cena won again. Boring."

    It's quite interesting that the only time WWE has made the "news" in recent history, is when CM Punk done his shoot last summer and when CM Punk "feuded" with Chris Brown. That's the sort of headlines WWE should get to get publicity.

    And thank you very much :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. u may b right, I guess. I try 2 watch TNA , but it looks much 2 silly. the crowds look like drunk. cousin loving u-know-whats.
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