Music Linkin Park calls cops on Sublime With Rome while performing.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Okay so this is literally still fresh as it just happened about like 45 minutes ago, allegedly the story is Sublime with Rome was on stage performing and smoking weed during the set and apparently Linkin Park or what Rome Ramirez is now calling "Linkin Nark" called the cops and told them they were "allergic to pot" and the cops came and confiscated all of their weed while they were on stage.

    If anyone gets any links to this as the night goes on and I'm not around please share I would like to hear the full story; literally I'm getting this via update from Rome Ramirez' twitter and all of his posts come from within the last 25ish minutes.

    Linkin Park and SWR were both scheduled to play in Tucson, AZ tonight and I believe are supposed to be touring with eachother later in the summer. Although I'm not sure if that's gonna play out anymore seeing as SWR are potheads and Linkin Park I'm pretty sure is completely sober.
  2. I do know Bennington (lead singer for LP) used to be a drug addict and I'm guessing he wanted to stay away from any form of drug even if it's weed. It's a shame, was thinking about seeing them when they came to Phoenix
  3. allergic to pot?:awyeah:
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  4. What if he meant flower pot? Would be a honest mix up guys.
  5. Here's my thing, work it out band to band. Linkin Park had to know when they heard Sublime With Rome was playing the same show that weed was going to be smoked. Idk Linkin Park should stop being so full of themselves and just played before SWR.

    I know Chester went sober and allegedly the rest of the band did as well or in one case never has been from what I understood. So I mean I get why he didn't want to get up on stage after the massive amounts of second hand smoke that would've been inhaled most likely if t"HE"y didn't call the cops.

    Still no actual links to it after 15 minutes of searching but the band's official twitter account mentions it and same with a few people who were at the concert tweeting out to them.. Funny how news is starting to break on twitter these days before it even hits the actual news or web outlets.
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