Linkin Park

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. :yes: I'm a fan CYNTHIO

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  2. :no: I'M NOT A FAN

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  1. Fan or not?
  2. Liked them when I was like 12-13 or so. Not so much now. :eww1:
  3. :nope: aside from in the end and numb I've never gotten into them.
  4. Some tracks. Can't say it's a band I would sit down and listen through the entire discography of. But they have a couple of tracks I like.
  5. First 3 albums: :yes:

    Everything after: :no:
  6. Yes to first two albums.
  7. I really like them .One of my top 5 bands
  8. I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park! :yay:
  9. I'm indifferent to them. They've had some good tracks before in the past, most notably In The End, but even back then I never really attached to them. Their newer music on the other hand has been pretty bad from all I've heard, but I've never been interested enough to the point where I'll actually check out the full albums. As singles aren't always indicative of the actually album's overall sound (the first single [Break] from Three Days Grace album Life Starts Now was more similar in style to their previous album [One-X] sound than Life Starts Now). Although they normally are indicative of the overall sound if the album is a concept albums, and from what I understand Linkin Park has focused completely on concept albums (which I'm not against, Marianas Trench, my favorite band, has done this twice and those are two of my favorite albums), so maybe it's best that I didn't check out the track. Honestly, I think the biggest reason I ever really listened to Linkin Park is Mike Shinoda, Fort Minor is awesome.

    I will say though, that this orchestral version of Numb is probably my favorite Linkin Park thing out there.
  10. I was but their music hasn't been good for awhile
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