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  1. Lio Rush
    The Ring of Honor TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT has become THE place to see the hottest talent on the rise in all of professional wrestling. In this tournament, we have seen incredible breakouts from young, emerging athletes like last year's winner, DONOVAN DIJAK. But the Top Prospect Tournament has also exposed the wrestling world to "hidden gems:" current ROH World Tag Team Champion HANSON saw his entire career skyrocket after he was unveiled to the ROH audience and dominated his Top Prospect Tournament. The variety of styles and techniques showcased by this field of competitors is virtually endless, but the caliber of athlete never wavers.

    The 2016 ROH TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT just concluded, and this year's field was absolutely incredible. From the massive Punisher Martinez and Action Ortiz one-of-a-kind Jason Kincaid, the talent in this tournament represented every style and attitude in wrestling. In the end, the finals of the tournament came down to Brian Fury and Lio Rush! Many had Fury pegged as a winner, with his 15 years of experience giving him an edge that the rookie Rush couldn't hope to overcome.

    But all of Ring of Honor was about learn that you can never underestimate LIO RUSH!

    Shockingly, with just ONE YEAR of professional wrestling experience, Rush DEFEATED Brian Fury and won the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament! In just three seconds, his entire life changed. The newest member of the ROH roster. A guaranteed ROH World Television Championship match. Lio Rush went from "prospect" to "star" in his rookie year!

    And who IS Lio Rush? On the surface, it might be easy to overlook him as an athlete. He's not the biggest or the strongest. It might be easy to assume that Lio Rush is just some kid playing professional wrestling. But while you're busy brushing him aside, Lio Rush is putting in the hard work that's gotten him so far so quickly. In just a year, Lio Rush has gone from absolute unknown to competing all over North America in match after show-stealing match! A graduate of the Maryland Championship Wrestling Academy, Rush still maintains the support of his training partners and hometown fans. This is his other "family," who have watched this incredible young athlete explode into stardom.

    Lio Rush is completely obsessed with professional wrestling. And that drive has pushed him to travel anywhere and everywhere to compete. But as soon as Rush hits the ring, fans are immediately enthralled by his athleticism and energy. Lio Rush flies higher and kicks harder than almost anyone else in wrestling today! Even you don't know his name before you watch him compete, he's all you'll be talking about after the show. And now this once-in-a-lifetime talent is part of Ring of Honor!

    As the winner of the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament, Lio Rush is guaranteed an ROH World Television Championship opportunity. We have already seen this chance pay dividends when Matt Taven won the tournament AND the title! When the Tournament began, Roderick Strong was the reigning TV Champion. But since then, Tomohiro Ishii shocked the world and defeated Roddy for the gold! How will Lio Rush fare against the Stone Pitbull, a completely different type of athlete than he has ever faced. Ishii has arrogantly shrugged off all ROH competition as easy victories. Imagine the international fallout if Lio Rush can defeat him for the championship!

    2015 was the first year of his professional wrestling career and he accomplished more than anyone could have expected. With 2016 underway and the Top Prospect Tournament won, what's next for LIO RUSH?

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