Lionel Messi in danger of jail time

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Forbes
  2. Let's be honest here, whether he should be or not, Messi's not going to jail.
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  3. Never said he was. Just posted the report.

    Obviously he and Barca are going to get top notch lawyers on this. At worst he'll get a fine or some community service.
  4. I know, I was just saying. I agree, he'll get a hefty fine and community service if proven guilty.
  5. For the sake of it. If Messi went to jail, what do you think would happen to him?
    Celebrities going to jail isn't unheard of. Downey Jr has spent plenty of time behind bars, and Wesley Snipes.

  6. This.
  7. Definitely not going to jail, but to answer your question, he would be a hero if sent to a Spanish or Argentinian jail, which is the most likely (out of a very unlikely scenario).
  8. Every morning I wake up and Stopspot has a new vanilla midget hipster indie guy to worship.
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  9. Leo is indie?

  10. If Leo is somehow this Ultramantus Black character he is fawning over for the next 24-28 hours, than yes. Is there a new thread in the other wrestling section to go along with the avatar/sig?
  11. He's had ultramantis as an avatar for a few days now lol, and IDK go check babe's.

  12. Has he? Damn work, I've mostly been posting from my phone lately.
  13. £300k/week after tax and you still have to do that. Shame on them.
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