Lionel Messi needs to win the World Cup to become as huge as Pele?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I think that to finally put his career in a mark and become a major player like Pele and Maradona, all Messi needs to do is win the World Cup. He already surpassed most of the competition around the globe. I can't way to see him lift the World Cup to finally cement his legacy and become probably the greatest in history of football...
  2. That's true.
  3. Why? The world cup is a team effort.
  4. So? Maradona was basically a one man team (basically).

    He does need international success in my opinion to become the greatest of all time. The current Argentina squad is more than good enough.
  5. Messi can kiss my madridista's ass.

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    Hope he doesn't destroy us tomorrow :OKAY::sad:
  6. Cruyff > Messi > Maradona > Pele

    Nope. He is better than him already.
  7. :upset:

    Messi isnt in their league.

    Imho Platini is better than Cruyf.
  8. Platini is a jackass. He ruined all the respect I have to him as he is in UEFA.

    All these legends are great football players but Cruyff is a football philosopher. He plays it with his brain. He is awesome.
  9. Platini is a moron. He wants to expand UEFA Champions League to 64 teams... His a moron...
  10. This should be good. For teams which cant compete. This is a good idea. This will keep the money difference between European teams less. But he is a moron.
  11. Pele was much bigger than Messi....Barcelona doesn't like the grass to be tall, Messi usually gets lost ... :otunga:
  12. I dont wanna argue about his current uefa job, sometimes i feel hes doing a great job and sometimes he makes moronic decisions. However that shouldnt take anything away from the player he was. He could literally find a needle among hay with his through passes.


    Pele is the greatest of all time period. Nobody scores 1000 goals in their career just by luck. Hell, there are very few players who have played 1000 games, let alone score 1000 goals.
  13. Yeah, Pele scored 1000 goals in his career during a time period when defensive play didn't matter....

    If Pele would've started his career today, he wouldn't score 1000 goals, let alone 400...
  14. i believe you dont need to win the world cup to be considered one of the best especially when you have players like george best and eric cantona who are considered as all time greats by a lot of people have never even participated in the world cup let alone win it
  15. LOL Pele >>>> Messi

    How many goals did Messi score in the 2 world cups he participated in? 2?
    Pele scored those in one WC final. lmao
  16. Again, in what era? When defensive play didn't exist?

    Bring the SAME Pele to the current era, he wouldn't score 80% of what he scored back than...
  17. Leo messi is a great player but i don't think he could win the world cup alone for argentina because there is no more big names of argentina.
  18. Lionel Messi
    Sergio Aguero
    Angel Di Maria
    Carlos Tevez

    Their squad is fantastic.
  19. He needs to start doing Viagra adverts like pele then he will become huge.
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