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  1. Last night at a PCW show, Lionheart broke his neck after taking a Styles Clash from AJ Styles, tucking his head during the move (something you do not do).

    PCW now reports on Facebook that Lionheart broke his neck but has suffered no nerv damage that they can find and has movement in both arms and legs and is able to sit up straight without a neck brace.
  2. Lionheart Jeff Sclak!? Someone stole his gimmick lol! There my "Jock" Gimmick I will sue!
  3. No. Adrian McCallum. A scottish wrestler who has been using the Lionheart name for close to ten years. He started in 2002.
  4. oh. well I BETTER not see someone using The Jock gimmick or I know there copy off me!
  5. How would you know they were copying you? People have been using the jock gimmick for ages. Plus you're an unknown backyard wrestler (no disrespect intended). If a dude who's working a jock gimmick on a real wrestling show is doing it he probably took it from Alex Riley rather than you.
  6. LOL I was using before he did! and no, no one have ever use the jock gimmick! and I one youtube which get a lot of views!
  7. So you stole it off of Jock Samson then?

    Who's been using the jock gimmick since 2005.

    Also Alex Riley started using the jock gimmick in 2007. I doubt you were allowed outside after 7pm in 2007.
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  8. Also this isn't even the topic. This thread is about a man breaking his neck.

    Back on topic.
  9. FTJ invented being a jock and anyone else just pittsburgh stealer!
  10. no? he started in 2011 and I started in 2010!
  11. You do realize Riley used the jock gimmick in FCW, were he debuted in 2007
  12. why did you kick me out of super pipebomb you jerk?!? What have been?!!
  13. ur never sopost to be in it! idk how u were put in to the group I going to be talking crayo about it!
  14. no and not on tv or youtube so it don't count.

  15. FCW TV. Aired on TV in Florida and Canada from 2007-2012
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  16. :why: do you hate me???

    let me back in yet oK!?
  17. You best go after Alex Riley!
  18. You sneaky, Sneaky man! you beat me to it!
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  19. You're going to talk Crayo about it? Please teach me the language of Crayo
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