List it! Who can legit beat the living crap out of CM PUNK!

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  1. One name per post please, let's make this a long one!

    First up
    Kurt Angle!

    Legit Olympic gold medallist wrestler!
    Legit bad ass!

    This man will hurt punk badly!


  3. Not many

    I'll say Bryan as he could probably destroy the majority of the roster in a shoot.
  4. STFU troll....
    He funk sunks a chunk of dunk.... In donuts


  6. Brock Lesnar obviously
  7. CM Punk has been trained in all sorts of martial arts I think no one could beat him up
  8. I agree with OP. Kurt Angle could, he's the shit.
  9. Thanks saylor!

    Sandy ravage is so blinded by love that this thread had to be created.

    I legit thinks he would get a sex change so he could try to birth his children!



    Yep, I'm trolling my own thread!!!


  10. Punk marks are unbearable.
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  11. Bryan, Brock etc. Though all this "he does martial arts" stuff doesn't mean he's a legit toughy. I'm sure Mark Henry would beat the living day lights out of him whether CM Punk tries to leg fuck him or not. I just don't see Punk being physically strong liker I can with Bryan.
  12. Punk would fold Henry inside out imo, especially with his history of knee injuries. Show would be a better bet because I believe he has some boxing training so with his size and that big right hand.
  13. Why is everyone making Bryan look like some kind of a monster, I'd bet on HHH destroying everyone of them.
  14. He's considered by many to be a tough SOB, his eye injury in his match against Morashima where he suffered a detached retina and finished the match as planned is a sign of that. Plus he's got a really strong Jiu Jitsu game and trains at Couture's gym quite a lot. HHH I don't think has any legit fighting experience so I don't think he'd be too great in a shoot against trained fighters, plus with his history of quad injuries those would be targets for kicks I reckon as they would be weaker than a regular persons.
  15. Everyone has "fighting" backgrounds such as Punk with his "Muay Thai" background, I don't really understand why they make him look so tough, I mean we don't really know him do we? Weird that I've never known that, by the way where have you collected all of this?

    I'm saying this like out of character and not just because of him being my favorite wrestler, but I think Punk is one of the toughest wrestlers in the WWE.
  16. I doubt it. There is a huge difference between a guy like Punk who has trained some Jits/Muay Thai and the guys who are legitimate badasses in those disciplines. Does anyone know what rank Punk is in either art? Has he ever competed in Jits or Muay Thai competitions? I don't think he would rank higher than a white or blue belt. Guys like that won't be able to compensate for a 200+ pound size difference. But there are so many factors in a Punk vs _____ hypothetical shoot fight. What is Punk's chin like? Takedown defense? Punk's Jiu Jitsu would be all but useless if a close to 400 lb guy like Henry was laying on top of him I'm guessing.
  17. Just found it around the net tbh, here is a report about his eye injury
    and a bit about his training at Randy Couture's gym a few other people's opinion on Danielson in MMA , probably means nothing but still

    I always thought Punk's muay thai was kayfabe also?

    Not sure on how advanced he is tbh, just know he has the background. If Henry got on top I doubt many could stop him tbh, even Brock with how uncomfortable he seemed on his back but as you say he'd have to get them down which when you factor in speed and endurance I'm not sure Henry could. As you rightfully say it's complete speculation but I couldn't see him getting Punk to the ground bar in the first few moments with a big surge of power.
  18. I would guess it was kayfabe, because honestly most of the kicks he throws look like shit. Anyone have any clue what his BJJ rank is? White belt I'm guessing?

    Also Amateur wrestling is just as much a part of a shoot fight as BJJ or 'muay thai' so I wouldn't rule out guys with those backgrounds in a fight with Punk either. I'd also take William Regal to whoop Punk's ass, even at his advanced age.

    Omg in stitches.
  20. Wasn't Dolph a very strong amateur wrestler at one point also? I agree with Regal, he trained in the catch style of wrestling which isn't very used now a days, another guess would be Kane as I think he had some semi shoots in Japan in his younger days and apparently could take one of the biggest beatings.
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