List of the 20 people with the most matches on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. These numbers are from


    Note how Kane soon will pass Triple H with Jericho not far behind either. Miz is also soon passing the Rock as well and Punk Bully Ray. Note that this is matches on RAW, not appearances. Guys like Austin have way more appearances but not that many matches. Remember that Austin was pretty injury prone and thus did a lot of mic segments instead.

    full list.
  3. More Jericho won't be a bad thing!
  4. Cena is on 320? Jesus that's a crazy amount considering the time difference everyone else has on him, Orton too even though he came to Raw in 03.
  5. Bully is on the list :yay:
  6. Kane was born in SPain?
  7. American military base/naval ship if Wiki is to be believed. I did not expect it either.
  8. I never knew Kane was Spanish at all. Wow.
  9. I didn't know Bad Ass Billy Gunn was on the list.
  10. Smokin Gunns, Rockabilly, NAO, Assman, Chuck & Billy, multiple returns. He's been around a long time with quite a few different gimmicks.
  11. Yeah.
  12. Had to google Andrew Martin and then felt dumb when I saw it was Test, I guess it makes sense since he was there for a while before he left in about 05 I think. Also happy to see that Kane'll have more matches than Triple H.
  13. Orton has to wrestle every week because nobody wants to hear his stupid ass try to cut a promo.
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  14. Dolph Zigglers win/loss record is comical on there(if you take out the last 4 wins in a row)
  15. Only 4 Canadians. :damnn:
  16. What the hell! Chris Jericho is from Winnipeg, you idiots!
    I don't care if he was born in NY.
  17. Zigglers winning %(37.98%)
  18. Also holy shit you guys rate Austin Aries way too high. Danielson kills him in ***** matches. Punk also is often rated higer than Aries...

    Danielson had the majority of his best matches in roh/other promotions, but recently he got a 4.5 against the shield.
  19. ^Who cares about some sites arbitrary match star ratings? Aries is NOT overrated.
  20. Misawa shits on them both.
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