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  1. In each of these categories
    Mic skills : Ric Flair.
    Look : Brock Lesnar
    Wresting ability : Ric Flair
    Drawing : Stone Cold
    Charisma : Hulk Hogan

    Mic skills :
    Look :
    Wresting ability :
    Drawing :
  2. Mic skills : The Rock
    Look : Hogan
    Wresting ability : Benoit
    Drawing : Hogan
    Charisma Hogan

  3. Mic skills: Stone Cold, Jericho or Foley (stfu not listing just one :sad:)
    Look : Brock freaking Lesnar.
    Wresting ability: Eddie Guerrero, technically it'd be Benoit. But Eddie worked the crowd better.
    Drawing: Stone Cold
    Charisma: Rock
  4. Mic skills : Otunga. He is Harvard educated. His mics skills are far superior than anyone.
    Look : Otunga. Have you seen his beautiful poses? #greek
    Wresting ability : Otunga. Powerhouse.
    Drawing : Otunga. The people wants a lawyer.
    Charisma: Otunga. Take a look at his body. All girls want that.
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  5. Mic skills : Piper
    Look : Kane
    Wresting ability : Tyson Kidd
    Drawing : Stone Cold
    Charisma : The Miz
  6. Mic skills: Ric Flair
    Look: Hulk Hogan
    Wresting ability: Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit
    Drawing: Hulk Hogan/Stone Cold
    Charisma: The Rock
  7. Mic skills: Chris Jericho
    Look: Brock Lesnar
    Wrestling Ability: Daniel Bryan
    Drawing: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Charisma: Alex Riley

    Finding it hard to disagree with Big Hoss' though. :otunga:
  8. Mic skills : Scott Steiner.
    Look : Brock Lesnar.
    Wresting ability : Kurt Angle.
    Drawing : Stone Cold.
    Charisma: Hulk Hogan.
  9. Mic skills : Punk or Y2J
    Look : Tyson Kidd
    Wresting ability : Tyson Kidd
    Drawing : Tyson Kidd
    Charisma : Tyson Kidd
  10. Mic skills : The Rock: Hands down
    Look : The Rock: Handsome
    Wresting ability : The Rock: Youtube Rock sells stunner
    Drawing : The Rock: WM 28
    Charisma : The Rock: Everything
  11. Mic skills : Stone Cold
    Look : Big Daddy V
    Wresting ability : Kurt Angle
    Drawing : Hulk Hogan
    Charisma: Hulk Hogan
  12. Mic skills : Roddy Piper
    Look : Brock Lesnar
    Wresting ability : Eddie or Angle.
    Drawing : Stone Cold
    Charisma: The Rock/HBK
  13. Mic skills : The Rock
    Look : Hulk Hogan
    Wresting ability : Ric Flair
    Drawing : Shawn Michaels/Hulk Hogan
    Charisma : Shawn Michaels
  14. Mic skills: Roddy Piper
    Look : Hulk Hogan
    Wresting ability: Kurt Angle
    Drawing: Hulk Hogan
    Charisma: The Rock
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