Music Listen to and Rate My music.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by impactking, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. The point is very simple one user will post a song and the next rate out of 10 and a short post on why then they post a song and repeat.

    1. No flaming or attacks on members over musical tastes.
    2. Be respectful.
    3. And follow all forums rules .
    Simple right?, Now let the music flow out! ​

  2. This won't end well lol.
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  3. Can't be worse than some forums I been on.(Accounts were stolen over it.)
  4. this okay?


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  6. You're kinda supposed to rate people's music instead of just posting another song, lol.

    7/10. I've never been a Queen fan but I recognize just how damn good Freddy Mercury was.

    v My favorite band, nobody is probably going to like my music, haha.
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  7. 5/10
    I love the heavy riffs and the entire instrumental as a whole...but I just can't fully get behind screamo (Fuck the subgenres, I'm ignant, so it's screamo). It just comes off more as loud noise than music or singing to me. (It's still subjective though).

    My turn.
    With how much shitty rap pollutes the radio these days, it seems to me like really good tracks get overshadowed, like this one. It's a bit older, but goddamn Cole's flow and delivery on this track is just awesome.
  8. 8/10, J. Cole man...where's the new album!?

    Cherry Bomb is a really good Tyler,the Creator album that I'd recommend to music lovers of all kinds. One of my favorites from that album:
  9. 0/10 because the video is not available for me. Sorry Botch guy, but the video botched itself.

    Ah, one of my fav songs from the NHL 2005 soundtrack.
  10. 8/10 - one of my favourite tracks by them and a song i would shout along to on karaoke.

    This one needed to be mentioned
  11. 4/10 because stacy's mom ain't got no ass...

    My last contribution for today:
  12. I gotta have faith so 6/10, not his best work as its not anything in Wham! or for you Americans, Wham! UK.
  13. Video 10/10

    Song 2/10

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  14. 5/10, I liked everything else but the vocals...because I couldn't understand them and they seemed very muffled and drowned out. Might be my head phones.

    Cool thing about this thread is that I get to express just how eclectic my music taste can be. With that said, I don't like sharing the genre of music every time so...

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    Yeah, I fucked up my previous post with the wrong link.

    Anyway, I gave Suplex' link a 2/10 just because I only made it 2 minutes into the song, I don't like nu metal/rap+rock type stuff. Nothing personal, brother.
    @Botchie, there's some cool moments in this song. Some parts almost remind me of old 70's Psych/Prog, but I'm not a fan of the dubsteppy (probably the wrong term to use) sounding stuff. 5/10

    Alright, here we go.

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  16. 4/10 not my cuppa tea

  17. Blocked.
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  18. i dont like that music
  19. 404 rating not found. I'm sorry I just can't rate that.
  20. I say 6/10. Not perfect, but it isn't that bad. I would not complain about listening to it more.

    My song (open)
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