Lita is one of, if not, the toughest Diva/female wrestler in WWE history?

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  1. I mean really, which other female wrestlers in the WWE(other than maybe Trish Stratus and a lot of female TNA wrestlers) is willing enough to sell the pedigree from Triple H, then sell the Stone Cold Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin and then take multiple chairshots from Steve Austin all in one Raw show? Not to mention that her and Victoria are the only two divas in the WWE who've ever competed in a Steel Cage match. People often give Chyna too much credit for bringing a lot of attention to women's wrestling and breaking the gender barrier between Champion belts but I've never seen Chyna once competed in a Steel Cage or even a Hardcore match. She may have competed with mostly male wrestler but I've honestly never recalled Chyna ever competing in extreme and dangerous matches that only male wrestlers compete in.

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  2. Mae Young is number one for fucking sure. Lita is, one of the toughest divas though in the world of WWE.

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  3. I almost forgot about Mae Young. For an old lady, she sure can handle being slammed onto a table by the Dudley Boyz

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  4. I'm going to have to disagree and it's not that i do not like Lita in anyway she's pretty hardcore, but for the majority of her career she was behind men. The Hardy Boyz, The guy she first appeared with, and Edge. Not to mention the neck injury took her out for quite sometime. She was great and took some sick bumps. i will always remember her as the queen of extreme, however toughest? not so much. I'm going to give that crown to Victoria.
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  5. Victoria that HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge).. I'll second this vote.. Although to be honest, if Tamina Snuka ever got her skills polished off she'd be the toughest bitch.
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  6. Yeah, I was gonna bring up Mae Young being put through a table by the Dudleyz. That an old woman agreed to do that (or that someone even asked her to do it in the first place) is crazy as hell.

    However, I don't think you can truly say who is pound for pound the "Toughest" woman in WWF/E history. We can only look at what a select number of women have agreed to put them themselves through and judge their own individual toughness based on that because at the end of the day, they were just doing what they were asked to do. We can't know that a lot of other women wouldn't have been willing to go through the exact same things had they been asked to do so as well.
  7. Tamina was brought in the wrong era, That chick would of made it big time back in the day.
  8. Fabulous Moolah was the baddest bitch from my understanding
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  9. Moolah or Bull Nakano. Either of those two are the toughest woman to ever work in the E.
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  10. But could Lita beat Eva Marie?
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  11. Lita? it's spelt Emma
  12. Lita is definitely up there on my all time favorites, but I gotta believe Chyna was a burlier bitch in her heyday.
  13. Speaking of Bull Nakano, aren't most Japanese female wrestlers incredibly tough compared to most American female pro wrestlers? I've heard that the female wrestlers in Japan are given no limitation to their jobs, meaning that they can compete in extremely dangerous matches that usually only men in America most likely compete in. Hell, I heard that Japan even lets their female pro wrestlers blade(so they can bleed). Something you'd almost never see in any American professional wrestling organization.
  14. She is and always will bee the best bad ass diva no one can compare to Lita
  15. Lita would crush Eva Marie
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  17. You are going to confuse him by posting an exception to the question he asked.

    Yes, warrior, it is far from the norm to see females in American wrestling doing this type of hardcore shit. Personally I have no desire to see it (not that I really want to see stupid ass death matches from guys either)
  18. You wanna see tough chicks, check the documentary called GAEA Girls. Contanins training. Lots and lots of training.
  19. Or if you want to watch it for all the wrong reasons:
    Act vs Yoshiko from Stardom.
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