News Lita to be inducted to 2014 Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, Feb 11, 2014.

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  2. Thats awesome. Totally my favorite female wrestler of all time.
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  3. Cool. I'm guessing AJ will be the one to induct her. :haha:

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    Joking aside, Trish makes the most sense. She and Lita were each other's greatest adversaries.
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  4. don't they have real life heat? What with AJ taking her man and all.
  5. lol I was joking, hence the simile. You must of mistakened my spoiler tag for my signature.
  6. They'll have Eva do it, lol.

    Thats a joke btw
  7. She was awesome.... I don't remember any other female wrestler in history pulling off the things she did... moonsaults, splashes, taking huge bumps from male wrestlers. She is in my top 3 female wrestlers of all time alongside Trish Stratus and Mae Young, in no particular order.

  8. Lita is my all time favorite diva and was my idol growing up. Its great to see she is going to inducted into the hall of fame. I hope Trish inducts her!
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  9. Hey newbie! You should go make a "hello" thread in the ramp section! Nice taste in wrestlers too :true:
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  10. Expecting Edge to induct her.
  11. Can you imagine Punk and AJ sitting together front row watching Lita give her speech awkward. Good job Punk has walked out so this wont happen
  12. That would funny some how.
  13. Yeah, seems fitting for it to be trish.
  14. TMZ might care, but I don't.
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  15. Happy to see her Inducted! :emoji_grin:
  16. Potentially perceivable sexist comment incoming: I don't see how any woman wrestler made enough of an impact on the business to be HOF worthy, but that's just me. What did Lita main event, one Raw? How many PPVs? None? Did she even have proper feuds with anyone but Trish? So she's a HOF'r because she pretend fucked Edge and does moonsaults?

    But yea, let's keep Randy Savage out while Lita occupies a spot.
  17. Okay, so it's not like she main evented at mania a whole lot, but I think she deserves it- she's genuinely talented and if there'd have been more women like her the Diva's wouldn't be a such a huge joke.
  18. She was fine, but just being the best women's wrestler (when let's face it, only 2 women's wrestlers have been seriously popular and good in ring-- Lita & Tris) doesn't equate to a HOF induction for me. Its like Ray Guy going into the NFL HOF. Yea, great punter, but a punter still. Women's wrestling simply isn't a draw or something most fans care about.

    Then again Koko B Ware is in the HOF, so why should anyone really give a damn.
  19. I'm one of the few that genuinely does care about women's wrestling- jokes on me, right?
    We disagree, but I get what you're saying. Also, NFL references are totally lost on me. I've never watched any NFL. :facepalm:
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