Lita's mugshot (2011)

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  1. [​IMG]
    No makeup

  2. I'd still tap that.
    Kayfabe: Still am
  3. Still hotter than most women.
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  4. 10/10 would bang.
  5. We agree on something. I now understand you Xanth.
  6. HUG IT OUT!
  7. She's pretty... just has STRONG features. I think women with softer faces are prettier, like AJ Lee or Alicia Fox. Even Eve has too strong a face almost.

    And fyi... Most diva's look average without all the fake hair and make-up on. They really load it on. I remember I seen Maryss(?) without make up and she looked like a completely different person!
  8. I'd like to tongue punch her fart box
  9. Here: [video=youtube][/video]

    Note that most STILL have makeup on. lol Just not as much
  10. This.

    Lita is so overrated.
  11. Same goes for Melina.
  12. Eve is still sooo damn hott!
  13. I concur brother.
  14. Eve is beautiful and sometimes stunning with make-up on. She's only pretty without it. Make-up makes a huge difference on women, specially when they wear so much of it that they look nothing like what they actually do. Its all about eye trickery.
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  15. Another post like from me.
  16. I happen to think she still looks good even without makeup. I'll always like Lita :yay: CM Punk took my future wife.
  17. Are you wearing any makeup in your avatar? :obama:
  18. I don't believe so. Maybe some lip stuff. My twit pic I am wearing make-up tho, but you can clearly tell. lol
  19. :ohgod: i've had better mugsho- i mean i abide by the law
  20. Haha, I lol'd so hard. You're my rival. But you're one of my favourite users!
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