Little white lies

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Paul Diaz-Berrio, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. I've noticed that since the mid 90's, there's been a tendency for people to lie, either in scripted events, or in legal cases pertaining WWE. I don't know if it happened before, but from what I know, it's become a tendency that's reared its ugly head from time to time and led to unpleasant or unsettling moments.

    Like, the awful feud between the Bella Twins. I know Nikki followed a script, but she told a lie when she said she'd never forgive her sister. Just three months later, she does and by early 2015, all is forgiven and the twins get back together again.

    Also, Nikki said that she loved her family to death, but she needed time to let the wounds they caused by interfering with her relationship to heal. So, we have a contrast that I find most disturbing, because since both comentaries were scripted, there's no way of telling what Nikki truly felt at the time.

    All's well between them now, but a few months and a confusing heel turn by Brie and a casual reconcilition was built on a false statement that normally isn't made unless a person means it.

    Now, if Nikki had had a change of heart, they should have made her show it, but the whole thing became water under the bridge, so it looked like Nikki convenientely decided to forgive her sister, instead of honestly coming foreward and telling her she wanted to love her again and make amends, but that never happened.
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  2. Uhh, you realise wrestling is fake, right?
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    Yeah, I do. My whole point is that because wrestling is fake, it gives rise to lies because of how ithey can be told and no one who doesn't really know the wrestlers know what the truth really is. Loads of youtube users are in that position and you'd be amazed how many are really hurt by what they see. I've seen their commentaries with my very own eyes.

    Wrestling's become a breeding ground for deception and the feud between Bret and Owen Hart really started the trend. Hulk Hogan got infected by it and lied during the steroid trial.
  4. So you think because it is part of their job to lie on-screen, that it may be easier for them to lie in real life (e.g. during a court case)? Well they would be good at lying, since they are actors (athletic actors, but they are still playing a character, learning lines and saying them in the ring - therefore they are actors).
  5. I'm sorry, but I'm saying something along those lines. I didn't want to, but the evidence speaks for itself. New Jack never stayed in touch with anyone after ECW fellow because he never knew who he was talking to and he never believed he could trust anyone because he didn't know if it was the wrestlers he'd be interacting with or if it would be the people they were beyond the ring.

    I feel much the same way. Who is really who outside the ring? Who's lying and who's for real?
  6. Actors and actresses are essentially paid to lie, cheat, etc. even if it is part of a script. Not really different from wrestlers, they to are paid to put on a show. Some are even paid to endorse products they don't use or beliefs they don't even believe in themselves.

    Most of these people will have a slightly altered version of themselves for the public eye. Usually passive, friendly, and avoiding political debates or opinions. You are asking how do we know if these people are lying or not? Well, we don't. Most people don't know celebrities on a personal level. I can apply this on the forum as well. How do I know you aren't lying about something or anyone else on this forum isn't lying? I have no way of knowing because I don't have a personal relationship to that extent with anyone here.

    Does it really matter if they are lying? Unless a lie is going to be told directly to me or done so in a way that changes the lives of a lot of people, they can do what they want and I really don't care.
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  7. No idea what made you think of that shitty feud today..
  8. That's cuz Nikki Bella is a godless Jezebel
  9. and steal? Viva la raza!
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  10. I’m
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  11. I thought this was about Vince McMahon's lawsuits over sexual harrassment and steroids in the early 90's. Also the legend, hero and should be Hall of Famer Nailz that teach McMahon a lesson about sexual harassment and fair pay lol