LIVE 6/21 IMPACT Wrestling Discussion (OFN) Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 20, 2012.

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    All pumped for this episode after some great hype by the last one.
    But I don't get it, is there gonna be 9 matches? The hype in quote/website aludes to it, as you can see.

    Nevertheless, discuss. :taker:
  2. I really hope Crimson shows up and cripples Robbie E and takes his spot in the BFG Series.
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  3. That's a helluva idea.:true:
  4. :true: But someone has to come in last... better Robbie than Magnus or Joe.

    Maybe he can get the TV Title next week? It wouldn't make sense for Devon to call him out... But 9 matches in 2 Hours, plus the Styles reveal, hopefully ONE decision segment, Sting, the Aries decision... Man, Russo wouldn't do that!

    Maybe an 8-Man tag after the AJ/Dixie segment of the tag champs, Hardy, and Anderson vs Daniels, Joe, Magnus, and Bully Ray?
  5. If they do those Tag BFG matches, then each wrestler wouldn't have faced each other once, as they said they would. Liars? Possibly.

  6. I was already pumped about this week's episode, but after re-watching last week's episode last night, and now reading the preview of what to anticipate, I'm even more excited for it. It needs to hurry up and be tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out -- what Aries decides, who wins the BFG Series matches -- so much to be excited for.
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  7. Seems like a badass episode :badass: I'll watch it, and with that many matches, it's gonna be fucking awesome! :win::win:
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  8. ^^Both posts couldn't be more true. :true:

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  9. Just seven and a half hours away now, won't be long.
  10. Now that's passion.
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  11. lol... That's how I spend many of my slow, boring Thursdays at work -- counting down to TNA time. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Is sting making a appearence
  13. I'm sure something will happen with the Sting getting beat up by masked goons storyline
  14. I wonder who Devon is going to figh now...
  15. I hope he loses the belt.

    Maybe to Crimson since Crimson isn't involved in the BFG Series. Good way to keep him relevant.

    I honestly thought SuperMex was going to take his belt last week. I think it's time for Devon to pass the torch. He's done a nice job with it, but as Rainman said in the TV Title thread he has the same match every week.
  16. :true:
    Just also hate to see someone I grew up with lose their title, but maybe he coould go after better ones instead if the holding that belt anyway.
  17. Nah he will go back out of the rotation once he drops that title. He's been featured for a while now. Time for some lesser featured guys to get up into the mix.
  18. Looks like the show is going to start with the Aries segment :yay:

    But Devon will face Robbie E :upset:
  19. They had that match on Xplosion, didn't they? Or are they doing it on Impact too?
  20. Such an awful feud. This is the one thing Impact is really fucking up on. How long can they fucking drag this shit out?? It's been over 3 months now
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