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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Star Lord, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. I think everyone will agree when in the Live Discussions the hundreds of alerts that some important alerts get lost in the list, We can unwatch thread but every time we reply it gives us alerts again, Is there any way to unwatch the thread and still reply without alerts?
  2. Turn off alerts.
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  3. Same issue, We lose alerts for important threads.
  4. Back in my day people loved getting alerts for LDs, that was the only reason people would make them... This new generation is taken over :downer:
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  5. Turn them off during the LD and turn them back on after?

    I'm sure you wouldn't lose too many "important" thread updates then, at least ones you couldn't find after.
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  6. Pretty much what leojay said. Gonna close this thread if it's settled.
  7. Its not really, My issue is I lose alerts for other threads because of the Live Discussion threads and turning alerts off wont help.
  8. I'm pretty sure everyone will be watching RAW and wouldn't be tagging you. I've had my alerts off since they introduced them and I respond to most people that message me. You'll be fine.
  9. As I said before, how many potentially "important" alerts could you lose by turning off alerts during a three hour period where everyone is watching one thing and not going on any other place on the forum?
  10. Its not 3 hours for me, I fall asleep during Raw 75% of the time so they are off until 3pm tomorrow.
  11. What I do is turn off alerts for replies to a threads I've replied in. Basically only get them for when I'm quoted or someone has liked my post. Not many people post in other threads while the LD is live.
  12. Adam, I honestly doubt you get tagged that much.
  13. Its not tagging I get alerts for, Quotes, Posts, Profile posts etc.
  14. ... Then turn it back on before you leave?

    Also have this turned off so you don't get get alerts for people posting in the thread.

  15. I don't have a chance.
  16. Turn off alerts for replies to a watched thread.

    After RAW there's like 1-2 hours of activity then US people sleep yeah? Not like you're going to miss many "important" things. Ask people to tag you if they're going to post something important..
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