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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Goldberg, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I think to get the Live discussion award, you shouldn't get it after only participating in one thread. It should be after multiple threads that you discuss in.

  2. (Actively participating in live discussion threads)
  3. I agree actually. It would make the award abit more prestigious.
  4. Especially since the description says that of which I posted 2 posts up.
  5. I figured that's that you'd have to do based off the description.
  6. Was the plan the whole time believe it or not. It's there at the moment to encourage new comers into the threads, but we're getting quite a few new comers each week. So I might make it 5 threads.
  7. 5 threads sounds pretty reasonable and it will make people want to post more in various threads/sections as they can't limit themselves to one or two.
  8. 3 threads is more reasonable.
  9. I agree with Xanth. 3 threads is equivelant to three weeks. You should also make them participate in one PPV discussion thread.
  10. That is very reasonable, 3 threads (Can be any show) and finally a PPV thread.
  11. I also find 3 threads more reasonable. Later on when we get more people participating in the live discussion threads, you could increase it to 5.
  12. "Actively participating in 3 separate live discussion threads."

    New description.
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