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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Lacky, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. I've seen a few people say how Low quality the Live Discussion threads are. I thought It would be a good to introduce a character limit. So you have to post a certain amount of characters otherwise It wont post. I'm sure this would be a good way to combat spam, and LQ during the Live discussion threads.

    Feel free to shoot me down.
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  3. I think it will be a good way combat horrible posts.

    I for one admit by posts in the discussion threads are terrible.

    It's a "Discussion" thread, and we don't discuss anything we just all post a play-by-play. I think it will be good. Others may disagree.
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  5. I want some official authoritah in here.
  6. Hello? I am here.

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  7. The show moves too fast to be able to properly discuss it, that's why we discuss it in the RAW section for the rest of the 6 days. This would just frustrate many members and encourage users to just bypass the filter or type needless words for no reason.

    Good idea, but not really appropriate. There is no such thing as "spam" in the discussion threads, how can a thread dedicated to discussing RAW LIVE ever be HQ?
  8. If you may allow me to say

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  9. He doesn't allow you to, you have no Authoritah.
  10. Damn you Lacky! :aries:
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