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Discussion in 'RAW' started by MarkyMark, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. These threads are awesome. They make the show so much better. Before I started posting on this forum I probably would have watched an episode like this for a few minutes and then turned it, but I kept watching it tonight for the great comments we get.

    However, lately it seems like it is hard to even keep up with the posts. Which is an awesome thing because it shows how many people love posting in the discussion threads.

    I posted it during the thread tonight and I know a few other people have had the same idea the last few weeks, but is there anyway we could get a chat room on this forum for live events? It would make for some epic discussion during these live events for us to comment at will without having to constantly load pages.

    Any thoughts? Has this been discussed before? Is it even an option? Just trying to make everyones experience even better on here.
  2. It has been discussed but the Raw thread brings in like 1,000 posts per episode and making a chat would take those posts away from the forum :emoji_hushed:
  3. Live discussions give the site a ton of useful content. We were making a live chat plugin to keep content there whilst making it easier to keep up, but that's been halted for reasons there's no point sharing. Though I don't think live discussion threads were ever really there to converse on an active scale with the other users. It's more simply discussing the show in general. Head to head conversations never happen, it's more just posting your reaction. I don't read many of the replies there but I skim-read them after I post.

    I hope that makes sense, but the content is too valuable to actually discontinue them for an off-site or on-site chatroom. I agree though, the live discussion threads are awesome right? Some of the posts make me laugh quite hard.
  4. Mainly this is how I think of it.

    The people most active on the thread = So bored of watching RAW so they comment on it to keep them awake through the 2 hours.

    The people not active on the thread = Lovin/Likin it, Too lazy to post, Not even watching it, Or just jacking the fuck off.
  5. That's me
  6. A chat room would take away 80 % and im highballing it might be lower of the sites posts a week
  7. everyone is a poopoo head
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. That makes sense.
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