Live Event from Calgary, Alberta. 27/7/14

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    Hey guys, got a quick report for you to read, if anyone is interested.

    Crowd is decent, looks to be a couple thousand in here.

    Fandango vs R-Truth

    Pretty standard match, nothing really special occurred. There were an incessant amount out "What's up's" from Truth and enough hip gyrations from Fandango to last a life time. Truth got the pin with his Jumping Complete Shot finisher.

    Tyson Kidd, Diego & El Torito vs Titus O'Neil, Heath Slater and Hornswoggle

    This match was clearly more for the kids, but it was still a fun match. Tyson was definitely over with everyone as we are in his hometown. Tyson pinned Heath for the win.

    Intercontinental Championship Match
    The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

    Miz cut a promo all the way to the ring, talked about the same things he has on RAW about being a movie star. He proposed a deal with Kofi where if Kofi didn't punch or kick the "money maker" he would let Kofi be an extra in his next movie. Miz got the most heat of the night. Miz feigned a knee injury and it was turned in a huge deal. As he was about to exit the ring with the doctors, he attacked Kofi (who was holding the rope for him...) and ended up winning with a roll-up.

    WWE Tag-Team Championship Match
    The Usos vs Luke Harper & Eric Rowan

    Unfortunately not quite what the TV matches have been, but it was still pretty great. Rowan was sporting a new design on his goat mask, it was reminiscent of Oreo ice cream. I called Harper "Big Rig" whilst he was standing on the apron and he gave me a death glare, it was great. One of the Usos got the pin on Harper with the splash.

    Intermission was about 15 minutes

    Natalya, Emma & Layla vs Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Eva Marie

    This was eventful. The match itself wasn't god awful, nothing great through. I'm not sure if she's done this before, but Emma tried to use her custom Emma Cobra on Rosa, but the ref made her remove it. Looks like Santino lives on. Next, Alicia Fox took a 3-4 year old kid's pizza and threw it at Emma's face. The poor child cried his eyes out and his mother looked very angry. It was great. Eva was belittled by a nice chunk of fans throughout the match, seems like she isn't very popular. Nattie was super over with her hometown crowd and was very well received. Nattie got the submission win after putting on a double Sharpshooter to Rosa and Alicia. Afterwards, Nattie went over to the pizza-less child and took a picture with him.

    Cesaro vs Big Show

    Big Show got a loud pop from the crowd and Cesaro got a mixed reaction. Couple of guys beside me had a few "Cesaro Section" signs. Match was ok, pretty clunky for the most part. The open hand chops that Big Show uses are insane, they're audible to say the least. Cesaro set up for the swing but Big Show through him off much to the dismay of the crowd. He then teased the Neutralizer but once again, Big Show stopped it from happening. Big Show then won with the W.M.D.

    Main Event
    Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

    Even with the smaller crowd, the Wyatt's entrance is something else. Definitely something every fan should see in person. Jericho got a huge pop and cut a quick promo before the match to pump everyone up. Bray actually complimented a guy down the row from me on his beard, it was pretty funny. The match was a lot better than their Battleground match, seems like some chemistry is building between the two. Jericho got the W with the Codebreaker.

    After the match, Bray went to attack Jericho with the chair but was interrupted by Bret Hart! The place went nuts, Bret got in to the ring and landed a right which sent Bray packing. Jericho and Bret celebrated in the ring and then went around ringside to greet the fans.

    Initially I was bummed that Dallas got the better line-up, but after this show, I'm quite pleased with what we got.

    Biggest Pops:
    - Bret Hart
    - Natalya
    - Big Show

    Most Heat:
    - The Miz
    - Eva Marie

    Oreo Mask
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Bret Hart saving Jericho
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  2. Awesome
    Miz totally worked Kofi. lol
    No reason for Cesaro to do high risks moves on Big Show. He can pick him up. He's proven that already.
    Harper worked you, pretty cool.
    Surprised Big Show outpopped Jericho,
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