Live Event in Leeds Arena!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kio, Oct 13, 2013.

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  1. I asked my parents to take me to a live event when the WWE tours in the UK and come to Leeds First Direct Arena and they agreed. The fixed price was £47.50 and my parents said if it could be £40.00 or something like that, so anyone here a promotion code which they could give me, please? May seem unusual me asking for it for free but anyone?
  2. Nope im off to the event too on November the 14th but I havent heard of any promotional codes or anything like that, as far as I am aware. I bought my tickets the day they were launched which was April or May i think
  3. I live like 30 mins from Leeds, are tickets still available? I'm going to the RAW taping in Manchester too!
  4. Last time i checked tickets havent sold out, so you might be able to grab a bargin. They have announced some of the lineup, Cena, CM Punk and the Wyatt family are comfirmed there, the Shield were meant to be there but they got changed to the Wyatt family
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  6. So you might be able to pick up a bargin for tickets
  7. Yeah, thanks, I'll ask my friends if they're interested but school night and shit.
  8. Fair enough :emoji_slight_smile:
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