Live iPPV premier for Extreme Rising

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  1. :win:

  2. DGUSA: Live iPPV premier for Extreme Rising

    DGUSA? :dafuq:

    Main event is heavy crap, Sabu-Devon and Homicide-Lynn could be fun.

    And as always, it's fun to FBI in action.
  3. DGUSA: Live iPPV premier for Extreme Rising

    Crap.... I got carried away doing my DGUSA news bits and mistitled this one. Now how do I change thread titles?

    (ETA: Nevermind, I remembered. :smug: )
  4. Really can't say enough bad stuff about BORING main event that is Douglas-Matt Hardy, in 2012. Griefness.
  5. I was hoping someone could shed some light on that for me. I haven't seen that much of Extreme Rising, but I was surprised when I saw this news and realized who their main eventers would be. Is that typical for them?
  6. Dunno, they only had like 2 shows thus far, and both were bad and boring, reports say. Can't remembah the main events or so, but they suck because Shane Douglas simply is a bitch who doesn't know to run a simple live event.
  7. Yeah I've also read that Extreme Rising shows are pretty boring. Yet they draw since they really play to the ECW legacy and all the fans who seemingly won't let ECW die.
  8. Ohhhh, I see. Glad to know I didn't miss much then. Maybe they'll improve. Doesn't sound so great though.
  9. They can't improve and evolve (no pun intended) under Shane Douglas and him main eventing.
  10. Is there any chance at all of Douglas stepping down, or any other scenario that would give someone else a shot at running the show, so to speak?
  11. Maybe down the line, but right now I doubt. He's a jealous douchebag.
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