Live Raw results for August 6, 2012

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  1. Live Raw results for August 6, 2012

    The Cenation leader grounded Bryan early on, but the submission specialist quickly turned the tables when Cena pursued him outside of the ring. After landing a swift flying knee to Cena's face off the ring apron, Bryan continued to whip his opponent's midsection with hard kicks. Cena rallied back and appeared set to hit an Attitude Adjustment, but the resourceful Bryan slid off the Cenation leader's broad shoulders and locked in a guillotine chokehold with leg scissors.

    After wearing Cena down with the submission maneuver, Bryan took to the air with a flying headbutt off the top rope and laced Cena's midsection with more vicious kicks. Remarkably, Cena rose back to his feet and locked in the STF, which Bryan reversed into the LeBell Lock. Refusing to submit, Cena powered out of the hold and sent Bryan crashing to the canvas with an Attitude Adjustment to secure the thrilling win.

    CM Punk was quick to spoil Cena's celebration as he came out to the ring and held the WWE Championship over his head. Suddenly, Big Show rushed to the ring, but Cena saw it coming and shoved Punk out of the way. As Cena and The World's Largest Athlete tangled, Punk hit Big Show from behind, sending both men tumbling to the mat. The Straight Edge Superstar then turned his attention to the announce table, grabbing a headset and letting loose on Jerry "The King" Lawler again with a bitter tirade describing how this Raw would end the same way the last two did – with The Voice of the Voiceless standing tall and clutching his WWE Title.

    Punk returned to the ring and moved to strike Big Show with a roundhouse kick to the head, but The World's Largest Athlete recovered and floored Punk with a WMD, then walloped Cena with a second knockout punch. With Punk's title now hanging over his shoulder, it was the mammoth Big Show – not the WWE Champion – who was standing tall as Raw went off the air this time.

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