Live SmackDown results: Oct. 26, 2012

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  1. Live SmackDown results: Oct. 26, 2012

    Damien Sandow def. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    Divas Champion Eve & Aksana def Layla & Kaitlyn (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    The Miz def. Yoshi Tatsu (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    WWE Tag Team Champion Kane def. Cody Rhodes (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    After Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio exchanged words on their imminent Hell in a Cell clash, Wade Barrett attacked The Viper (WATCH | PHOTOS)

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  2. Lmao, live my ass.
  3. Why are all my champs and former champs losing? :regal:
  4. If you're referring to orton it's because WWE refuses to push a guy who just came back from drug suspension not too long ago
  5. Yep, he's one of them. :upset:
  6. Aksana in the ring? :wtf:
  7. She was better than usual, but still sucky. Layla was great
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