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  1. What this does it, it'll automatically update new posts in a thread without refreshing it. You just stay on the thread and watch new posts come up live. So whenever there's a discussion thread for RAW, SmackDown, or PPV, it'll be much easier to discuss instead of having to refresh every time.
  2. This was somewhat already suggested, and the consensus was largely against it, mainly since we're on shared hosting and large amounts of server-load wouldn't be good.

    My posts in that thread were in support of a feature like this, and I feel having the server feedback the minimal amount of needed data is a lot less stressful than having everyone keep refreshing the page anyway, but oh well.
  3. Enable it during RAW, SmackDown, and PPV Event only. Don't have to keep it on forever.
  4. Maors means something different. Displaying the whole post that was made not a message saying "1 new reply". He wants a system where you don't even need to reload the page. Nothing of the sort has been created for any forum software.
  5. It has been created for for vBulletin 3.8x. Figured there might be one for MyBB also.
  6. Might make a thread on to see the pro's and cons of such a system. Pretty sure we'd need to be on a VPS or something though.
  7. I never said anything about just displaying the number of new posts. My posts in Tzesi's thread explain exactly the type of feature maors wants; something that displays the new posts without needing to refresh.

    Also, I know solidus has left now, but there's one point he mentioned that has been pestering me since that thread, he mentioned that 'a feature like this would query the database a lot more and cause a lot of server load.' When a person refreshes the page, there would be far more database queries (load user info, load user awards, get user reputation, ...,) than a feature that is only asking for one query; new posts.

    I can understand that all of that may mean nothing to you, I'm just clearing things up from the past.

    Feel free to link me to any thread on and I'll be more than happy to continue the debate over there.

    Offtopic: might need to reinstall the go mobile plugin, it needs to readd some stuff to headerinclude. Pages were displaying without any styling.
  8. Well I think I've said before it's sort of out of my depth. I'll speak to MyBB community.

    Will make the thread over there after the Rumble so you can ponder it :emoji_slight_smile:.

  9. kk replied over there