***LIVE*** TNA 1/10/13 IMPACT Discussion Thread - Super Main Event

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 9, 2013.

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Who Wins The Tag Main Event?

Poll closed Jan 11, 2013.
  1. Storm/Hardy

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  2. Aries/Roode

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  2. I bet the farm on King winning, can't wait to see Roode/Aries together. :yay:
  3. I voted on babyfaces winning the main event, but that's me being silly. Aries and Bobby are winning.
  4. Storm needs to fade away into the mid card IMO. Give Bully his ME TV time. The more time Bully gets, the better it is for us.
  5. Made up for it by stickying this :otunga:

    Can definitely see Aries/Roode winning as I think both faces will win their respective matches on Sunday :upset: Absolutely pumped for Zema/King, hoping they get decent time as it will be a really exciting match. King's obviously winning.
  6. I actually voted for Storm and Hardy to win. :haha: I figured they might win anyway.

    Also, here's a snippet from Hogan about tomorrow night sans Bully:

  7. "His face looks exactly like mine did during my entire WCW career brother" :hogan:
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  8. GUTCHECK is back this Thursday with some tweaks dude!

  9. Expecting Jay Bradley vs. Brian Cage :boss:
  10. According to their respective twittah machines bro, there will be a mixed tag tonight with Robbie E and some girl vs. Jesse & Tara.

    Stacked show.:pity1:
  11. Does some girl have a name yet or is she a mystery partner?

    Show Spoiler
    If it's another Jersey Shore chick, I'm tuning out
  12. Robbie E's choice I guess.
  13. I think Bully wrote on his twitter that he might show up.
  14. [​IMG]
    Ruh roh
  15. Voted what i want, not what i assume. I assume somehow James storm is going to get roode out of the ring, and Hardy is goign to take on AA with the shitty twist of fate and the swanton will happen right after storm superkicks roode, etc. Shit will still be good either way.
  16. Yeah, Bully will adress the state of "suspension" by the GM BROTHER.
  17. My friend and I just said last week we wondered if/when Jesse would ever actually get in a match. Interesting addition for tonight.

    Just a few more hours. :hogan:
  18. any web streamlinks for tna tonight?
  19. Hope I'm able to watch tonight. Missed the last two weeks. :upset:

    Could someone fill me in?
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    Vipbox and Firstrowsports
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