***LIVE*** TNA 1/3/13 IMPACT Discussion Thread - Sting Returns

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 2, 2013.

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    IMPACT Wrestling, January 3rd 2013, in the IMPACT Zone - LIVE




    :hogan: :ryan: :testify::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:arker::aries::bully:
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  2. Looking forward to it, might not be able to watch it live though. Going to try and get out of my previous engagement to make it.
  3. Woot!!

    I'll be here, brother, jack, dude. :ryan: :hogan:
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  4. Testify always makes these, but never participates.
  5. ^ Speaking of which..... who will be here to watch live and discuss?

    If no one, then screw it, I'll sit here by myself and make random fast-paced posts.
  6. I might.
  7. Though I have no care in the world for Sting's return, and the show will more than likely be built around that...
  8. Well I'm pretty sure they'll unmask another Aids and Eights member; that makes it worth a look.
  9. Re: RE: ***LIVE*** TNA 1/3/13 IMPACT Discussion Thread - Sting Returns

    It'll be Sting in the ultimate swerve :russo:
  10. This thread scared me because a live discussion was usually made on Thursday and that's when I have work... *phew
    But I probably will participate.
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  11. Unfortunately I'm in the minority who just doesn't find the A&E storyline entertaining at all. Probably because of who's actually in that group. Testify will hate me.
  12. #Russologic
  13. Yeah, true. It's part of my routine, I don't wanna get "disturbed" when watching wrestling, I wanna be focused on what I see on wrestlin programming a clear 100%, and when there's commercials, I just watch other stuff like NBA or hockey, so you will probably never see me participate in a discussion thread. Sorry. It's OCD I believe.

    I won't, but MAH BROTHA will :testify: and he'll keep proving you wrong!
  14. How is it OCD lol? You could post during ad breaks.
  15. Low crowd it sounds like. :testify:

    Ah well, just happy to know I'll be here tomorrow for it....or should be, anyway. I do have a meeting to cover, but they shouldn't keep me there too late.
  16. Speaking of which what are ads like during TNA shows? I might stay up for this, pumped as hell for the cage match.
  17. Yeah, but I already wrote it, I rather just switch the channel to NBA or hockey or baseball than go to the computer again and all that trouble lol... NBA > Computer (at least during IMPACT).

    Anyhow, pumped for tonight. Gonna be big show, no doubt.
  18. Stream Impact on the computer?
  19. Lol no. 50 inch TV in HD > 20 inch comp. in HQ.
  20. Do what I do. HDMI Computer > TV.

    Well, that's when I'm awake early enough to watch anything live :dawg:
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