Lmao at the casuals,.

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  1. As of this thread, "Once in a Lifetime" is trending worldwide and the casual fans (yes, the casual fans) are complaining about how it was meant to be once, and not twice in a lifetime... I didn't think we would see such a thing. This is an IWC thing to moan about, not the casuals. :why:

    Perhaps the negative reaction to WWE's certain Rock/Cena rematch is why Punk is being added into it (presuming here). Or the lack of Undertaker forced it.

    Just thought it was funny.
  2. Absolute disgrace. All of this just to setup an eventual victory for Barney's Monkey ass. So punk loses twice to Rock who ultimately will lose it to Cena at wm.
  3. Not necessarily. It looks obvious that CM Punk will be involved now (triple-threat). It's possible he could win.
  4. If i'm a punk mark, i'm pumped this morning. Both of rocks wins are controversial, meanwhile Rock beat Cena clean,

    On facebook last night, I posted "Rock will face Cena at WM" And a friend of mine said "Didn't that happen yet?" I laughed a bit and tried to explain.
  5. I believe CM Punk will be added to the match to make it a three way. It also defeats the purpose of "Once in a lifetime" theme that the went of with last year.
  6. 3-ice in a lifetime next year.
  7. And thus begins another Wrestlemania streak.
  8. Rock vs Cena 19?
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  9. Rock-Cena 20-0 :lol1:
  10. If they didn't promote the, "Once in a Lifetime" shit the first time, I wouldn't be that mad. I would even be less made if it was not at Wrestlemania.

    Waiting for the "Never Before, Never Again" for the second time.
  11. I wouldn't be pissed about watching that match twice because WWE said it was going to happen once, "OH MY WWE U LIED TO ME Y DID U DO THAT WWE I HATE U", that sounds like a casual thing to do. I'd be pissed about watching it twice because the first match sucked, and when the casuals complain about something like that it's because it was shoved down our throats nonstop. Non. Stop. But since I think it'll be a Triple Threat, no complaints. For now.
  12. It wasn't just the moniker "Once in a Lifetime" that sold 28, it was the biggest star from the PG Era vs one of the 3 biggest stars of all time, who legit hated each other, battling it out in a can't miss dream match. It sold like crazy...

    What would make a casual or a smark want to see it again? Rock's luster has worn off, and nobody thinks for one second that Cena's not leaving the Meadowlands without the WWE title. Plus, the people who bought 28 will probably feel really ripped off.
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