Lmao. Suarez got two votes...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 2, 2013.

  1. Zach you said he came second? Apparently, he got two votes, less than 1%...

    Source: Sky Sports News

    lmfao. That's how far he fell when he combines good skill with rat like tendencies. Ha, fuck you Suarez.
  2. It was reported on some website, I figured it was wrong.

    Anyways, I've made up my mind and I want Suarez gone in the summer.
  3. This was for the Football Writes Association Player of the Year, not for PFA where Bale won both.
  4. Oh right lol, makes sense. Caught it this morning; they were going on about how his bite more or less ruined his chances.

    Zach - who would you replace him with?
  5. Yeah, I've just seen that there haha. 2 Votes! Embarassing that...

    Bale was 53% and RVP 43%
  6. I agree that Bale should have won something, but all three awards? Was he really that far above RVP this year - the guy who more or less won the title for us? The top scorer in the league by quite a bit, and has more assists than both Suarez and Bale?
  7. Yep, for one you shouldn't be able to be up for young and player of the year. Pick one.
    RVP was my pick, and I don't even like him. (nor do I like Bale :lol1:) I think without RVP United wouldn't have won the title, I really do.
  8. Honestly, I don't think our priority should be on forwards if we sell Suarez. We will probably get 40-50 mil out of him which is a lot of cash and is plenty considering that we probably aren't broke in terms of transfer funds. We could maybe have 10-20 mil extra besides the 40, 50 mil of the Suarez trade. 60 or so mil is PLENTY enough to snatch up an attacking mid (Eriksen :emoji_heart_eyes:, a centre back or two (Alderweireld, Ogbonna, etc), possibly a new defensive mid. And with all of that being spent we could easily have 20,30 mil left. There have been rumors that we will purchase QPR's Remy's buy out clause for 8 mil and he could be a nice additon to our squad, although I don't know if he'd be content with being a squad rotation player along with Sturridge and Borini. He played first team at both Marseille and QPR, so who knows. It all depends on whether we sell Suarez or not. We either need a A) goal scoring machine B) A combination of players that can step up, assist eachother, score goals when they get chances. I'm a hundred percent certain that we won't get a 30 goal scoring player this summer but I think it's possible that, if we spend our money wisely, we can get a good combination of players that together can accumulate that amount of goals. We will have to see how this transfer window goes.
  9. What team is going to pay top dollar for Suarez?
  10. Bayern
  11. It would no way be 40-50 million. It'd be around 24 million or something.
  12. His buy-out clause is £40 million I belive, there's no way Liverpool will sell him for less, and most certainly no way Liverpool will sell him for less than they bought him for! He's still just 26 years old so he could still become better and produce at world class level for at least 6 years to come. So if Suarez leaves, it will be for £40 million!
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