Lmao this piece of shit Taz

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Because it would make WWE's commentary even worse, and only few people can do that. Taz fucking sucks.

  2. They could have used him as a manager on Main Event or something.

    it is just hilarious to me how TNA pays this guy to suck a fat dick at his job and the first chance he gets he is trying to bounce before accepting another undeserved monster contract. Fuck him so much with so little lube
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  3. TNA probably know this, and still pay him too much and have him their focal point of commentary. Why? What does he actually bring? Paying someone so much and having him in such a role knowing he would much prefer to work for your biggest rival company is just idiotic. Fire his candy ass, fire Tenay's candy ass, and hire some pie-eating motherfuckers. :rock:
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  4. I wonder if Dixie is entirely to blame? Seems likely. If I were Testify I'd call her a malignant **** right about now.

    How beautiful would it have been if TNA weren't run by a sniveling vagina, and when they caught wind of this they refused to bring him back? Leaving Taz with no place to go. lesigh. would have been amazing
  5. She does seem the one with the "if they've been in WWE before, hire them" fetish.
  6. If they want attention, dress someone up as Darth Vader and have him do commentary.

  7. The only attention that would garner would be when they got sued for copyright laws and really did go out of business.
  8. [​IMG]

    Then let's keep Taz and his A class commentary.
  9. You guys are nuts. Taz is the shiznit. Bulletproof motherfuckers! The dude is fucking telfon! GOAT commentator!
  10. HA! Loyalty...
  11. Hiring/re-signing people who would jump ship they first chance they get is just fucking retarded. It doesn't matter if they were in WWE or MMA,if they suck they shouldn't be signed,plain and simple.
  12. If I was kayfabe Hogan I wouldn't care how bulletproof this guy's contract is, it won't stop me from demoting his ass to janitorial duty so he can go fix the toilets Devon's fat ass keeps breaking. Devil's advocate says he's probably contributing backstage or something that we don't know about, because they have to have some reason to keep this asshat around.

    Destination X 2011
    Against All Odds 2012
    Impact Last Week

    fuck's sake
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  13. He was the color commentator on SD so in their minds that makes him a good commentator.
  14. Hope WWE never release Lawler then.

  15. I don't even think Dixie would stoop that low...


    wait, yes she would.
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  16. So Taz tried to get hired back by WWE by contacting different people but clearly management didnt want him back so he stayed with TNA wow well I bet Dixie feels betrayed reading this now as shes knows Taz doesnt really want to be in TNA and wants to be in WWE. Also Vince must hate Taz for going to TNA so I bet thats why he didnt hire him back
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. More like
    Tna is that poor, poor mat.
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