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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Look at all the marks marking out over Lebroner after wanting him to die less than a week ago.

    @Solid Snake You had the chance to buy into miz' dad's place of business, talk about missing out bro. LEBRON IS BACK IN OHIO! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESSSSSOME!
  2. Sports fans in general are fickle fuckers, I'll admit I'm one of them.
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  3. Just heard the news about him coming back to Cleveland. That is good news for 'em.
  4. I saw the "are we gonna fuck or what reply im another thread. I marked my balls off, and now i have no balls.
  5. Good for him.
  6. Cleveland fans deserve no titles. I hope this cavs run is as successful as the first
  7. Those hypocrites on the news going all preggers on the local news.
    Fu** each and every one of them.
    If you hated his initial decision and went about you day, fine.
    If you lawn burned him initially and jump up and down today, f*** you.

    LOL at Miami fan burning his jersey.
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    ... at least that's what ESPN is telling me

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  9. All of that is technically true. I have no problem with the technicalities of it all.
    The reason I'm bent is the emotional aspect.
    I'll never understand how people can be so gutted when other people disappoint them. I'm talking to Daniel Bryan fan, especially.
    CM Punk fan isn't too far off. Such flakes. I wonder who's worse. LeBron fan, Bryan fan or CM Punk fan.
    They're all cry babies, either way. Neither man is a hero. They're all just normal cats. That's what Tiger Woods fan just figured out.
    I'm glad I actually have a pen** so I can differentiate between what is worth getting bent over and what is not.
  10. Isn't emotion the most fun part of sports, fake or real?
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  11. It is an element. My point was how fickle fans can be.
    If you love LeBron in Cleveland, love him in Miami.
    If you love CM Punk if he's anti-authority, love him if he's corporate. If you love him straight edge, then love him when he smokes.
    Emotion can be deceitful. It can tear down and ruin family bonds. It can ruin marriages.
    Be sure you love the person, not their decisions.

    Your elation could be another person's nightmare. Your promotion could be another person's pink slip.
    When your team wins a championship, another team loses. Emotions can be disheartening if not put into perspective.
  12. I'm just lurking around here waiting for the Danielson reply.

    I'd still rather meet Miz's dad tbh.
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  13. I am glad he is back but I wasn't jumpin up and down. I also didn't go out of my way to hate him when he left either so there is that.
    I am glad cause he will help bring money into this poor city and hopefully make it a nicer and safer area to live. Not to mention he is a great inspiration to kids and I do admire his love for children.
  14. He'll be gone faster than his hairline.
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  15. So does Jeebak.
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  16. The countdown begins. He's a free agent in 2018. I say enjoy it, don't watch ESPN. They'll only remind you he has a decision to make in 4 years.
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    Outside of the first year lebron left, Ohio had been wanting him.back for the most part. What you see on ESPN wasnt what every cav fan did. I personally never seen a jersey being burnt, and the bars the night he came back wasnt iver the top with happiness. The truth is it wasnt as bad as you think when he left and isnt as awesome now that hes back. Its just break room chatter. ESPN isnt going to interview a regular fan who just says" its cool hes back" They go find the craziest of fan boys and paint a picture. Get a grip, don't be a product of the media. Go brewers, they lose 20 in a row yet?
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  18. Lost 9 of 12 and are still in first place in our division and enjoying one of the top 3 records in all of baseball.

    How are the 1/10/100's of millions the Met's dropped in the offseason working out for you?
  19. Silly Rabbit. Mets dont spend money.
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